Founded in 1954, Williams Electrical Service aspires to provide the best and most responsive customer-focused and quality driven service for any project we undertake. Our qualified work force of more than 100 employees professionally delivers a range of projects including large-scale electrical installations, reactive and preventative maintenance services, and fuel systems.

West Australian owned and operated, we are a company that has grown to be respected as innovative in the industry whilst remaining conservative in its nature, giving back to the community by promoting the development of apprentices and trades assistants through first class training programs, and supporting local charities, organisations and events.

Our responsive and collaborative culture has been a key element of our success over 60 years. Our history and approach to working with our clients ensures they receive individual solutions rather than standard processes.

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Over six decades of operation, Williams Electrical Service has delivered an impressive portfolio of electrical projects across multiple industries, regularly for WA companies and institutions, and with some of the world’s leading businesses.

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Williams Electrical Service has a longstanding history of providing maintenance services, and understands the importance of well-maintained electrical and fuel systems. As a result we have been rewarded with many long-term client contracts for which we execute reactive and preventative maintenance services.

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Fuel Systems

With a reputation for responsive customer-focused and quality driven service, our expanding client base is increasingly entrusting fuels installation and maintenance work to Williams Fuel Systems. Building on our reputation as Western Australia’s leading Fuel System specialist installation and maintenance provider.

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As a successful West Australian owned and operated business since 1954, Williams Electrical Service has always remained focussed and committed to the implementation of sustainable practices across the company, through continual improvement, innovation, and encouraging an open and engaging environment.